Top 4 Lies About your sex life?


There are a lot of myths about sex, but some of the myths that have misled so many young people are still ingrained in people’s minds, especially the following 4 lies: Stop writing silly letters…

What are some lies about your sex life?

1, sex can lose weight and slim down

It is nonsense and unrealistic to say that sex burns as much energy as jogging for 3 kilometers. Sex does not burn as much energy as many people think, with a good session burning up to 550 calories, according to a study. To lose weight through sex, it would have to last for hours to burn more calories, which is obviously not realistic. Additional FREQUENT sexual LIFE CAUSES A VARIETY OF PROBLEMS EASILY, BE like impotence OR PREMATURE ejacULATION, bring about SEXUAL DESIRE TO DROP EVEN. In fact, there is no shortcut to lose weight, as long as you remember six words, namely, keep your mouth shut and stride your legs, so as to consume excess calories in the body and achieve the purpose of losing weight and slim down.

2, after drinking will be disorderly

It’s an insult to people’s intelligence to see the main character and heroine having drunken sex on TV. Being drunk can make men perform worse during sex. Drink too much CAN MAKE cerebrum consciousness BECOMES UNUSUALLY fuzzy, SEXUAL behavior is controlled not EASILY, can appear even ADVANCE ejacULATE. Drinking a small amount of alcohol can actually help you have sex. It can cause a lot of blood flow to the penis, which is good for erection, but you’re fully conscious at the moment, and you’re having sex if you want to. So it’s innocent and it’s not messy at all.

3. Seven jiro in one night is not good

Some people think that the more sexual times, the stronger the male sexual ability. The number of times you have sex is linked to the physical fitness of both men and women. There is nothing pompous about having sex seven times a night, and there is nothing to be proud of. Instead, there are unexpected dangers that can easily impair sexual function, leading to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in severe cases. The quality of sex is not determined by the number of times. It is determined by the satisfaction of the couple. One perfect sex life is better than many.

3, touch the breast to become bigger

There is no scientific basis for believing that touching breasts often can make them bigger. Breast size is linked to obesity, weight and genetics. The breast develops synchronously with the body, after general adult basically finalize the design. Breasts are made of adipose tissue and breast tissue, which are not made bigger by massage or rubbing. Some female breasts are really big after sexual partners touch and rub, actually this is affected by female hormones, estrogen can act directly on the breast, making the breast temporarily bigger. As well as rubbing the breast too hard, will make the breast adipose tissue swelling, which is very dangerous, and even cause breast hyperplasia

Warm prompt

The above 4 points are the lies about sex life, I hope not to enter the above misunderstandings. In addition, the couple must control the number of sexual life and time, not the longer the sexual life time, the more the number of the better, generally with the second day after sexual life without obvious fatigue, mental malaise and lumbar acid weakness phenomenon for the principle, sex number has people’s age, constitution and habits and other factors decide.

Not simply the pursuit of the number of sex, but also strive to achieve a perfect degree of sex every time, in fact, a perfect sex than two or three imperfect sex more satisfying women.

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