Why is sex life suddenly soft?


Men ARE most afraid of sexual life when the penis suddenly weak, can not feel the orgasm, at the same time will let the male become agitated and depressed, only strong enough sexual life to occupy to show charm, in the end what is to let the penis suddenly weak in sexual life.

Why is the penis suddenly weak when sexual life?

1. Psychological factors or age problems

When the stress is too much, mental state is not good, too depressed and the relationship between the couple abnormal will disorder the nervous system, in this state of sex is bound to make the penis weak. With the increase of age, sexual ability will slowly decline, especially after the age of 50, sexual organs will decline, the penis erection time is very short.

2. Excessive masturbation and bad living habits

Excessive masturbation can reduce sexual performance and desire, and real sex can cause rapid penis weakness. In addition, a lot of smoking and drinking, not getting enough time to rest, excessive physical fatigue, always staying up a lot and overeating will make the male penis weak.

How do you deal with that?

1. Reinforce your penis response

In the morning, before urinating, gently press the front end of the penis with your finger, slowly press the penis down, maximize the state of keeping it upright, and then stick the nail on the penis to feel its reaction, gently push up, and do it repeatedly for one minute. Wear tight pants as little as possible, as the penis in a tight environment for a long time will affect spermatogenic function and will not provide adequate blood supply to the penis and scrotum.

2, to strengthen the sympathetic nerve and hormone secretion

After each urination, you should close your eyes to empty your mind and relax your body. Your mouth is half closed to relax your facial muscles. Then you should breathe briefly and slowly in the abdomen for 30 seconds. The groin muscles determine how long sex lasts, so keep doing aerobic exercises such as sit-ups, swimming or jogging to tone the groin muscles.

3. Get rid of bad living habits

Try to give up alcohol and tobacco, avoid overworking the body, do not overeat, stay away from greasy high-calorie food, eat more nuts, seaweed honey and malt oil, etc., appropriate exercise, sleep at night can be naked to relax the reproductive system, enhance the function of the testicles.

Warm prompt

Occasionally APPEAR a penis weakness need not worry too much AND anxiety, this belongs to the normal phenomenon, might as well improve the sexual environment or posture. Men usually eat more food with kidney and Yang, such as leeks, oysters or nuts, etc., the husband and wife communicate more, avoid too much psychological burden, can not blindly blame and complain.

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