Why do women’s areola darken?


Areola and nipple, although only a small fraction of the breast tissue, but it has its unique and irreplaceable function, most of the mammary gland tube exports are gathered in nipple tissue, but still there are very few mammary gland tube openings on the areola, relative to that of other body skin more pigment precipitates, some, in order to raise the breast milk, Convenient TO THE VISION HAS NOT FULLY DEVELOPED NEWBORN IDENTIFICATION SUCKING WITH, BUT ALSO SOMEONE SAYS, IT IS A KIND OF FEMALE SEX, IN THE PROCESS OF COURTSHIP OF MEN AND WOMEN, as THE tool OF THE OPPOSITE sex.

But do you know why the areola turns black? Do you know how to deal with dark areola?

Why do women’s areola darken?

1, the areola is also obvious gradually along with the arrival of puberty, more because of pregnancy and lactation increase their range and pigmentation, so its formation should be associated with female hormones in the body, the depth of the race color of skin is also affect the color appearance of the areola, deep color of skin race, in general are easy to form a deep black areola, but it will not turn black by deliberately insolation, It was interesting; And the large breast tissue of the people, the areola development is also more obvious than ordinary people, but the areola hyperplasia of the people do not necessarily have large breast disease; Even if not pregnant, some women in puberty development, has noticed that their areola is relatively more obvious than the same age peers, and easy to therefore inelegant and abrupt areola affect their psychological and later social life.

2, in general, women’s nipples and mammary gland development are different, the color of the nipple also has many differences. Areola black cells were the main causes of aging, the female hormone secretion, lead to the nipple epidermis melanin precipitation, as long as it is in sexual maturation period, nipple will appear black demitint, and if the woman had sexual experience, nipple also can have such a change, not only make the nipple color black, also can let a phallic also gradually become black demitint. Look WITH ANOTHER Angle, THE BREAST BLACKENS THE SYMBOL THAT IS FEMALE BODY MATURE ACTUALLY, HAVE THE FEMALE OF BEAUTIFUL SEX EXPERIENCE, THE BREAST ALSO CAN BECAUSE OF THIS AND GROW PLUMP, BODY ALSO CAN BE MORE GENTLE AND GRACEFUL ATTRACTIVE, WHY NOT DO.

Originally PINK AND TENDER AREOLA COLOR DEEPENS BLACK, ESPECIALLY THE BREAST OF THE female THAT HAS EXPERIENCED LACTATION CAN BE SUCH, APPEAR NOT QUITE BEAUTIFUL, HOW TO DO? If you want to restore the areola pink, the ordinary method is not too good, might as well try these three methods.

3 tips to make areola powder pink and tender

1. Permanent bleaching

Tattoo the areola pink, although the effect will not fade, but red tattoos are difficult to remove, once tattooed pink nipple, it may be difficult to restore.

2, laser desalting areola

The advantage is that the effect is fast, the disadvantage is that the wound recovery time is long, the cost is higher, its cost depends on the areola size and color dark and light. The recovery period is about 10 to 12 days, and when the scab is removed, the areola becomes pink like a young girl, but it will return to its original color in about three to six months depending on the individual’s physique. Special attention should be paid to postoperative care:

(1) 3 to 4 days after surgery, there will be local swelling, areola purple and dark, which is a normal phenomenon. The areola wound will form a scab and fall off by itself. Before the wound is healed, be careful not to touch water, and pay attention to local hygiene and conditioning to avoid infection. Do not wear tight clothes.

(2) Due to individual differences, a few people will appear different degrees of dark color, which is due to physical trauma, hyperpigmentation constitution or pigmentation caused by infection, at least a month, more than a few months later will gradually return to normal, without treatment.

(3) During the recovery period, do not touch water, fumigation, sauna, swimming and intense sports and other activities. Stick to apply the restorative agent to the wound for more than 10 days, 4~5 times a day, let the restorative agent absorb naturally, and prevent decolorization.

3. Use whitening products

Use contain bear FRUIT element, A acid whitening product to smear areola place, have nourishing effect, but whitening effect is limited. In ADDITION, CHANGES IN HORMONE secretion after pregnancy and production cause AREola to become black, because MELANIN IS DEPOSITED in the DERMIS, and whitening products are EFFECTIVE only to THE melanIN of the EPIDERmal layer, so the whitening and maintenance products are coated on the nipple, and there is no effect.

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