What should men do to protect their prostate?


If men want to protect their prostate in the winter, they should eat more vegetables. Men should eat more vegetables in the winter to protect their prostate. Prostatitis is a complex pathological change of prostate inflammation, immunity and neuroendocrine, caused by various reasons and inducements, leading to urethral irritation symptoms and slow pelvic pain as the main clinical manifestations, is a male-specific disease. Prostate disease is not easy to cure, and will relapse, and even affect the normal life and work, so what vegetables men eat better?

1. Spinach. In fact, the male prostate is most afraid of encountering congestion, which often leads to prostatitis or prostate cancer. The most obvious advantage of spinach is the high content of folate and iron, which can promote the body’s red blood cell composition, improve the oxygen carrying capacity of blood, accelerate blood circulation, help to relieve prostate congestion and maintain the prostate.

2. Tomatoes. Experts say tomatoes not only contain rich vitamin C lycopene content but also have the role of dredging glands, can play a good role in preventing prostate disease.

3. Broccoli. After much discussion, many nutritionists have pointed out that eating a moderate amount of broccoli each week has great advantages in preventing prostate cancer, especially because broccoli contains what experts believe is an anticancer factor that helps protect the male prostate from cancer. In addition, with the exception of broccoli, cauliflower and purple cabbage, which belong to the cruciferous family, have no bad anti-cancer effects and should be eaten more by men.

Experts summarize many foods about what to eat to prevent prostate disease. This article focuses on three vegetables that are better at preventing prostate disease. But if prostate disease is more serious, still be to go to a hospital to see a doctor as early as possible.


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