What about middle age loss of libido?


When people reach middle age, many men have no desire for sexual desire, but also feel powerless. So that their physical health and the relationship between husband and wife are affected by different degrees. Many men are pinning their hopes on aphrodisiac drugs, which not only have little effect but also affect their health if they eat too much. Can take the means of dietotherapy actually, already healthy and effective.


1, leek

Leeks are not only food, but also an important one. Since ancient times, leek has the name of aphrodisiac grass, it can be seen that leek has a great impact on the improvement of male sexual ability. Often eat leeks can improve the male sexual ability, can achieve the effect of aphrodisiac kidney, and if often eat leeks, it is also good for the relief of men’s low back pain. Waist good, sex will naturally be very good. Because oysters also have the effect of aphrodisiac, usually can use leek and oyster fried together, to achieve better aphrodisiac effect.

2, litchi

Litchi can not only produce fluid and quench thirst, but also have ineffable effect on men.

Litchi can enhance men’s libido and also improve men’s reproductive health, so that men perform better and better in sex. So in order to improve their sexual ability can eat some litchi, not only can improve the sleepiness of sexual life, but also can supplement VC, kill two birds with one stone.

3, oysters

In fact, many people already know the benefits of eating oysters for men. Oysters do have the effect of strengthening the penis and kidney in seafood. Eating more oysters also has a good effect on the quality of men’s sperm and can improve men’s kidney deficit. So pregnant men should eat more oysters to give birth to a healthy, lively and lovely baby.

4, lamb

Lamb is a mild meat that not only provides many nutrients that the body lacks, but also has soothing properties during the winter months. In fact, mutton can also alleviate the male sex in the willing but inadequate phenomenon. Eating more lamb has a good effect on men’s decreased libido and poor sexual performance.

5, kidney

While there is a traditional saying that you are what you eat, there is some scientific truth to it, such as the fact that eating more animal kidneys can help men. You can eat more pig kidney and sheep kidney can be stewed in the way of stew all the nutrients, so as to achieve the effect of nourishing the kidney and strengthening the Yang.

The sexual ability of middle-aged men has declined, then do not blindly eat some aphrodisiac drugs, should increase physical exercise, try to recuperate on food, only this is the best way.

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