What are the contents of adolescent sex education?


Puberty is a period of transition from children to adults. The sexual organs of the body have begun to mature slowly. When spermatozoa and menstruation occur, it represents sexual maturity.

What is the content of sex education for teenagers?

1, to understand the opposite sex

In our traditional idea that men should be strong independent intellectual women should be careful perceptual tender, but now the social values have been changing, so don’t be made for the opposite sex stereotypes, to clearly recognize the opposite sex of individual qualities, and have a thorough understanding of the psychological characteristics, so that is conducive to communication.

2. Be receptive

First of all, let the child understand that everyone is a unique individual, not necessarily have the same background, ideas and personality, if you understand the basic differences between the two sexes, learn to appreciate some of the advantages of each other, and accept the disadvantages, can increase the fun of harmony.

3. Look for similarities

With the opposite sex, can find the similarities between each other, such as personality, hobbies and interests, the common interest, are interested can take part in more activities to share the feelings and joy, in the process of communication, if have opinions and ideas are consistent, will resonate, so as to set up some precious friendship.

4. Learn from each other

Teenagers can learn from the opposite sex to learn some of the advantages and characteristics of each other, both men and women should be rigid and soft, do not have to ask their performance of a special man, women do not have to ask themselves very gentle, both men and women should have a strong and confident side.

5. Complement each other

No one is perfect, and everyone has certain shortcomings, advantages and benefits. When we get along, we can complement each other to make up for some of our own shortcomings, and make up for our own weaknesses with the strengths of others. At the appropriate time, both sides can show their own characteristics, cooperate with each other and complement each other, so that we can achieve the greatest.

6. Choose carefully

Must choose to be respected and trusted by the opposite sex, make friends must not only rely on appearance, but ignore the inner personality, good friends can promote the growth of the mind, can be from the behavior of the opposite sex to distinguish is a bad friend or a good friend, and then further communication and alienation.

7. Be honest

When communicating with the opposite sex, we should treat others sincerely and earnestly, appreciate others’ strengths, respect others’ rights, get along well with others, pay attention to others’ reactions and views on things, and put ourselves in others’ shoes to support each other.

Warm prompt

We MUST GIVE TEENAGERS a correct understanding OF sex, to establish a harmonious and equal relationship between the sexes, mutual respect, self-respect, mutual understanding, mutual humility, common progress.

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