How does ability let a woman be willing to have sex understanding these kinds of psychological sex life can be more harmonious


Understanding the female psyche makes sex more harmonious. The harmony of husband and wife life needs the high degree of cooperation between two people. In the sexual life, many men will impose their own views on women. They think that their approach can make women very comfortable, but this idea is not allowed. Although women are often passive during sex, they also have their own inner thoughts and true feelings, and understanding these can make sex more harmonious.

Women don’t like men to play the long game

Most men believe that the more time passes, the more they will show their sexual strength. In fact, women enjoy sexual pleasure, more care about the details of the considerate and caring. If the men fight for an hour with nothing new, the women lying down will probably get bored.

Physically, the vagina has a limited ability to keep lubricating, and sex that lasts too long can lose its fun. Psychologically, a woman would prefer a man to spend some time with him when it’s over, rather than fall asleep.

Women know that some sexual positions come from porn

Men like to take the same approach from porn and apply it to actual sex, thinking it will be more pleasurable. In fact, most of the scenes in porn don’t look good. Sex is a full-body experience, and fancy movements don’t add to the pleasure. The woman wanted to tell him: Honey, let’s do less imitation and make out more.

Does she know how to orgasm

If a man tries too hard and doesn’t work, ask her. Many women with a sexual history know their bodies well, where they are more sensitive and where they need to be stimulated.

Men always care if a woman has an orgasm

In fact, it is quite normal for women not to experience orgasm during actual sex. Whether women have orgasms has less to do with the length of sex or the size of their penis, and more to do with how they get there. Caress her and stimulate the clitoris.

Women sometimes do it to encourage men

Many women raise the volume of their groans during sex because they know in their gut that men like it. But men also need to learn to reciprocate and affirm each other.

Women are eager to discuss sexual skills with their partners

Obviously, no one sex technique works for every woman, so communication is crucial.

But getting women to ask for sex can be difficult, and patience and understanding is essential. Find the right time to get her to speak up, and don’t overreact even if it hurts your self-esteem. It takes a lot of courage for her to do this, and it’s the first step towards a more harmonious sex life!

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