Is it true that women don’t like sex


What women really think about sex. When it comes to sex, women are always passive and shy. There are some intimate sexual things that they don’t want to talk about, but they want a man to understand. Here are a few things about sex that men want to know about what women really think about sex.

1. I know how to get pleasure, but I don’t want to tell you what to do during sex. It would be too open.

Most of the time, men will be self-righteous during sex around, but it does not help women get pleasure faster, reach orgasm. In fact, they know their body the most, know what way is more comfortable, but do not dare to say it easily, for fear of hurting the man’s self-esteem. If you’re curious to know what a woman thinks, discuss it with her at a time other than sex, such as when you’re sitting on the couch watching a comedy.

2. Having sex every day doesn’t make me more comfortable, and going too long doesn’t make you more competent.

Men like to have sex frequently to show their desire and sexual power, but for women, sex is the sublimation of just the right amount of emotion and doesn’t have to happen every day.

At the same time, men don’t have to worry about losing face if they ejaculate too early every time they have sex, because women’s pleasure is not entirely dependent on the length of time. More often than not, strength and technique are more important for men than timing.

3. I can tell which moves you stole.

Men like to learn tricks from porn, but most of them are flashy, and women can feel what’s real and what’s sexual. Women want men to be honest, to be honest, to have sex with their heart.

4, orgasm is not all, I don’t have an orgasm will not blame you.

For women, sex itself is a source of pleasure and they can’t have orgasms all the time, but that doesn’t mean men aren’t capable, so take it easy.

5. Wanting to talk after sex doesn’t mean you’re unsatisfied.

After sex, a man falls asleep, a woman’s heart will always have some sense of loss. In fact, the woman is not to let him sleep, just hope to continue to have a hug and some tenderness.

6. Women don’t like men to play the long game.

Most men think that the more time passes, the more they will show their sexual strength. In fact, when women enjoy orgasm pleasure, what they care about more is the consideration and love of details. If the man fights for an hour with nothing new, the woman lying down may get bored. Physically, the vagina is limited in its ability to keep lubricating, and the pleasure of orgasms can fade away if they last too long. Psychologically, women are more likely to want a man to have a good time when it’s over than to fall asleep.

7. Women don’t have to orgasm every time they have an orgasm.

Men are always concerned about women having orgasms. In fact, it is quite normal for women not to experience orgasm during actual sexual orgasm.

Whether women have orgasms or not has little to do with the duration of orgasm and penis size, but more to do with the way they achieve orgasm. Caress her and stimulate the clitoris.

8. Women moan sometimes to encourage men.

Many women increase the volume of their groans during orgasm because they know in their gut that men like the feeling of conquest. But men also need to learn to reciprocate and affirm each other.

9. Women want to discuss sexual skills with their partners.

Obviously, no one orgasm technique works for every woman, so communication is crucial. But getting women to ask for sex can be difficult, and patience and understanding is essential. It takes a lot of courage to find the right moment to lead a woman to speak up and not overreact even if it hurts her self-esteem. This is the first step towards a life of harmonious orgasms.

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