Women think about these things during sex


Do men know their wives when they are in bed? Do you know what they think when they are in bed? You know what they want more than anything? If you don’t know, let’s take a look at what women have on their minds in bed.

1. Nothing turns me on more than a good conversation.

Before sex, women like to talk to men about their lives and thoughts. They want couples to relax on the couch and talk, or take a walk and talk. At this time, if a man can say some love words like I love you, I care about you, women will therefore have a strong sexual desire.

2. For women, sex is inseparable from life.

While men are often able to separate the stresses of life from sex, women are not. How her lover treats her outside the bedroom has a direct impact on how she performs in bed. Such as not caring for her, harsh words, rude tone, etc., will prevent her from engaging in sex, passion.

3, I will be anxious because of the appearance of the old, afraid of losing your attraction.

For the old couple, the wife is often afraid that she is not so attractive to the husband, because of this reason, many women only after turning off the light before they dare to take off their clothes, careful men can feel women’s anxiety. If she is no longer attractive, there is no need to lie to her or say that she is no longer attractive. Show her that she is still attractive to you.

4. Please don’t be so serious during sex.

The essence of sex is a game, but many men take it so seriously that they forget to laugh and fail to engage in romantic naughtiness. This often makes sex stressful and lifeless, and both men and women can’t experience the pleasure of sex.

5. I like physical touch and caress, sometimes not sexual.

Women love romance and hugging, holding hands and kissing will make them happy. But many women complain that men rarely engage in this kind of intimacy with them other than foreplay. Therefore, hug and kiss her often, she will feel happy.

6. After sex, I want to be more gentle.

Some women complain that men fall asleep when they’re done. It’s true that many men, once they’ve had an orgasm, never show any intimacy again. But at this point, women want more hugs or conversation, which will make them more satisfied.


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