Do you have to Be a Man to have sex? Here are a few tips women can learn


What are the best ways for women to have sex? Sex is a matter of two people, only two people please each other, can make sex more perfect. So what are the best ways for women to have sex? The following Xiaobian for you to introduce.

How do women conquer men

Men don’t think sex is absolute dominance, as people thought more open, a lot of women’s knowledge of sex has more science and health, they know in sexual life, if you want more perfect feeling, so you also need the effort, we will go to see a woman how to capture a man now?

1. Teasing leads to passion

The ancients didn’t say much about women’s foreplay to please men. The female stereotype is that the mere sight of a sexy woman in a porn book or video will turn a man’s penis into a big brother, ready to have sex. However, men are also very fragile, when the age of the older, the response time of the sexual impulse is gradually elongated, the pressure not to lift more and more heavy. At this time, a good woman should know how to kiss and caress and enter the situation with her lover.

2. Explore the mysteries of eroticism

When exploring the sensitive zone of stimulation, don’t forget the male hair, whether it is the rare chest hair of eastern men, beard and dregs, body hair extending from the lower abdomen to the lower vagina, or the hair of the hands. Feel how different a man’s hairy body is from a woman’s smooth skin. Just like playing a piano, women can try to stroke their partner’s hair with the lightest force possible. Playing between the hairs with your tongue and rubbing your own delicate skin against whiskers and scrubs can give your partner a completely different sensory stimulation.

3. Roundabout is the long-term solution

Even if the man is already in the mood, the woman should not immediately attack the key area. The GLANS OF THE MAN, SCroTUM AND PERINEum ARE VERY SENSITIVE, STIMULATION HAD CROSSED A HEAD, WHEN AFRAID OF EARLY EJACULATION, THE FEMALE STILL DID NOT HEAT up.

Two, when to stop foreplay

When should women stop foreplay? The answer is when a man feels his penis swelling to the point where it hurts, his teeth are clenched, his blood is pumping, his breath is strong and he can’t stand it anymore. The disadvantage for men is that the desire to be seduced during foreplay is so intense that it has already dissipated before it has shown any lasting power, and it can take a while for them to start again. Therefore, if you want to prolong intercourse, avoid excessive foreplay in key sensitive areas.

Above is about women in sexual life need to learn some skills, in fact, sex is scientific and healthy thing, we only use a correct attitude to learn, then in sexual life can more of yourself, and experience the joy of sex, this looks like the feelings of the husband and wife will be more sweet.

Three, help sex skills

1, pay attention to the pace. Be sure to keep the same pace. Sometimes THE MAN IS OFTEN IMPATIENT, NEED A WOMAN TO meet HIM IMMEDIATELY, AT this time THE woman DOES not want to POUR cold water on the man, such will cause sexual dysfunction. So the husband and wife should communicate regularly and keep pace with each other.

2, men’s consideration, this will make women care about, in intimate activities, men must be very gentle, very considerate.

You can do some very intimate gestures, you can make the atmosphere is very good.

3, eyes to focus, in fact, eyes is the best way to communicate, you can see a person’s true feelings, in sex, if you can be affectionate, it will make you feel up, but also make your sexual interest.

4, overcome some obstacles in the heart, eliminate fear, sometimes some psychological barriers will affect their sexual interest, so in sex, to keep their mood happy.

To sum up, this is the introduction of the four most commonly used methods for couples to help sex, I think you have a certain understanding, these four methods are more commonly used between husband and wife, if you do not have any interest between you, not a lot of sexual interest in sex, you can try the above four methods.

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