What should a woman do during sex


What are women’s lovemaking techniques? Under the influence of traditional ideas, the sex life of husband and wife is still male active, female passive state. So what are women’s lovemaking techniques? The following Xiaobian for you to introduce.

First, women’s lovemaking skills

1, don’t be naked to hide is the most attractive

Sex also needs some packaging. Do NOT THINK ABOVE ALL NAKED IS THE BEST EXPRESSION, ON the bed, at this time often is not the time of revealing, more is a kind of adornment, that small PARAGRAPH is about to conceal the distance THAT RETURNS show, often can let the soul OF both sides throw A few longer.

Second, make it look smart. One woman, in a letter to a magazine, regretted mentioning a humiliating detail: one night she went to bed early, thought her husband on night duty would not be sexually interested, and went to bed without a bath. What’s more, she regretted wearing a pair of underwear with several holes in it…… When the husband tried to see sleeping beauty, he got a fright. She described herself lying there as disgraceful, disgraceful.

Understand the woman OF love, will pay attention to their bed image, do not think that in front of their own people do not beauty, do not think that the body on the bed, can easily send, baby your jade body, will let the beautiful dream do longer. It is a sign of respect for him, but also for myself.

2, wave wave modulation makes people excited

In fact, men like flirting, those immoral goblins, may be hateful, but those waves waves tone but let men blood boiling, can not be themselves. Sex is a kind of physical communication, but also a kind of emotional communication, and if you give up language, it is bound to affect the harmony of the body and the soul.

Men like to make love not only with their eyes, but also with their ears. Sex is a sensory process, the full participation of your five senses will make this beautiful movement more perfect, more colorful.

3, you must be clean with a trace of incense

Here, it is worth mentioning that the most fundamental premise of all packaging is that you must be clean, and carry a trace of fragrance, not too strong, too strong, like the strange fragrance released by the flowers that have been stuck to the nose for 10 minutes! Because MEN a lot OF the time, is to use the nose, mouth to make love, and if you don’t even wash people how to care how warm?

4. Make your hair messy

The only place you don’t need to wrap it, though, is your hair. It’s best to get rid of the clips, combs, and rubber bands, leaving it messy, a little flirty, a little degraded, a little lazy, and a little insecure…… The WOMAN IN THE BEDROOM AND THE WOMAN IN THE SITTING ROOM, THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE, OFTEN BE FORMER WITH DISHEINED HAIR IS SENT OUT DEDUCE SEX APPEAL, LATTER IS HANGING A HIGH BUN, REFLECT NOBLE FOREHEAD AND THE NECK OF DEMURE. The former let men impulsive, the latter let men appreciate.

For women, sex is a right, is also a kind of enjoyment, is a kind of physical and mental participation, is also a kind of mood building. Don’t just mechanically and passively spread out five fingers, to receive the nectar; Might as well put their own in the fertile soil of love, grow into a tree full of poetry and vitality of grass, and then put some dew contained in the leaves between the moisture out of a bright flowers to drop. Many men have expressed in private, hate the kind of only for the duty of the dedication of women, they are cold, dry, seemingly unconscious, and some even make love, still thinking about her knitting! Good sex should be the moonlight, not the cold quilt.

Two, the health care method of man’s sex

1. Avoid trauma

A single violent impact with a hard object can cause a closed laceration of the penis, commonly known as a “penile fracture.” If the corpus cavernosum of the penis is completely torn, surgical treatment such as internal hemostasis must be performed within 24 hours to minimize permanent damage to the penis. Cavernosum partial injury, usually healing, but may also bring some sequelae, such as abnormal penile curvature, pain, impotence statistics show that up to 1/3 of the impotence men have a history of “penis trauma”.

2. Do more exercise

A study of 31,000 people found that men who walked two miles a day were half as likely to have erectile problems as men who sat for long periods of time. So does jogging for 20 minutes a day or lifting weights for 30 minutes.

3. Stay away from cigarettes

Smoking, including secondhand smoke, can affect penile stiffness. Smokers have significantly less erection than non-smokers, a new study has found. In addition to vascular damage, smoking also causes tissue damage to the penis, which in turn leads to reduced penis elasticity and limited erectile function.

4. Avoid extramarital sex

Men who cheat are more likely to be impotent, research has found.

One reason is that guilt from cheating turns into anxiety, which disturbs the brain over time and leads to mental impotence. Another reason is the STD scare. After having an affair, some men suspect that they will be infected with venereal diseases. This kind of worry will gradually turn into a kind of fear. When serious, it will lead to the exclusion of sexual life and the occurrence of impotence.

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