6 Reasons Why Morning Sex Is So Good


What are the benefits of morning sex? Sex experts point out that morning sex, there are a lot of benefits. So what are the benefits of morning sex? Here is an introduction for you.

1. The benefits of Early morning sex

A number of studies have shown that people who choose to have sex in the morning will have a better sex life. After a night’s rest, the body is in a relaxed state, so choosing to have sex in the morning is a good experience. The key is that there are many benefits.

1. Relax

Experts tell us that having a drink with coffee is more relaxing than waking up to an unflavored breakfast. First thing in the morning, of course, you should be able to clear your mind of the bad mood.

2. Activate your brain

The study found that 嗃 chao can make blood full of oxygen absorption, speed up the flow, transport more nutrients. Get up early, all day spirit! In the future, when you become the CEO and marry Bai Fumei, it may come from the diligence and accumulation of getting up early every day.

3. An hour in the day is worth it

You’re not supposed to be in a good mood at work, but you’ve already had sex no matter what happens during the day. How much worse could it be?

4. Go deeper

Experts say that being groggy and half-awake is a bit like being drunk, except that you’re self-conscious and basically dumbed-down.

So when you don’t wake up, you don’t care if the other person thinks you’re ugly or that you’re a beast.

5. Save time

For men, it takes no time to summon a brother. For some girls, the daily routine of prewar preparation is too tedious, heavy makeup, sexy underwear, shaving and so on. And morning exercise obviously saves a lot of time.

6. Get out of bed

Many lazy early risers have been cured of their difficulties for the sake of good morning makeouts. It’s hard to sleep less, but everyone should try to see if that’s how they like to start their day. No more, if you have been hollowed out by morning exercise, girlfriend that we morning exercise bar is the best alarm clock.

Two, morning sex skills

1. Set an alarm with special music

Set your alarm clock to play soft music as a prelude to early morning sex.

2. Clean in the morning

The most important thing about morning sex is fresh breath. Taking a few minutes to wash your face and brush your teeth before morning sex can help you score points. According to a survey, both men and women like the smell of mint best when they kiss in the morning.

3. Seize the moment

For men, they feel more confident in the morning and the morning guard helps them to be stronger and last longer than at any other time of the day. Morning snaps usually occur between 4 and 7 a.m. For men, the morning male hormone secretion is more vigorous, conducive to stimulate libido and erection.

The erection, which is stronger and longer lasting than at any other time, makes a man more confident sexually. At this time sex can get better results, and can be less effort.

4. Shorten foreplay

The key to morning sex is to get both of you fired up quickly, and cutting back on foreplay will allow you to have a quick, passionate moment. Couples know each other’s sensitive areas best and don’t let them get in the mood.

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