What Positions Stimulate Women’s erogenous Spots These 6 sexual positions generate more excitement


What are the most sensitive sexual positions for women? If you want a woman to have an orgasm, you have to learn to stimulate her erogenous spots. Here are some of the most sensitive sexual positions for women. You can study it.

First, the most sensitive sexual position to stimulate the female

1, push type

It’s a quick, quick love affair. A woman can lie on her back on a table with her arms and legs spread out and a man standing in front of her. The Angle of the position and the intensity of the sex will get the heat going in the shortest amount of time. The only downside, however, is that men can be too stimulated to control their orgasms.

2. The Imperial girl style

It allows women to decide whether to have orgasms through yin pedicle stimulation or G-spot stimulation. For the former, a woman can lean forward with her back bent and her lower body pressed against the base of her partner’s genitals. Try moving left and right laterally to rub against the G spot.

3. Classic missionaries

This position allows you to keep kissing, touching and looking at each other, enriching your emotional connection. In order to change the monotony of this traditional posture, men can change the Angle of sex, women may wish to twist the buttocks.

4, the cat

This is called the sex line technique and allows women to experience a strong yin pedicle orgasm. It is similar to the missionary position, but requires the man to lean forward with his arms resting on the woman’s shoulders for support, and the two bodies to fit perfectly together, keeping the spine straight. During sex, men can move gently up and down, not back and forth.

5. Back entry

The vast majority of men prefer the rear-entry style. It can better stimulate the female deep, plus the male can easily touch each other’s body, can double the pleasure. However, men should pay attention to the strength of sex, so as not to hurt the female partner.

6. Lie on your side facing each other

Face to side lying this position is more suitable for men prone to premature ejaculation, its range of action is small, can prolong sex time. This posture also helps couples whisper in their ears and enjoy the unity of mind and body.

The 6 positions in sex better able to stimulate a woman’s sensitive, easier to make a woman orgasm, although a lot of people say that as long as both sides feel satisfied in the sex, even if you don’t have an orgasm is wonderful, but small make up think it’s because you didn’t experience orgasm during sex is what kind of feeling, as long as you have time, will fall in love with the sense of feeling, You can’t feel satisfied until you’ve had an orgasm!

Two, how to let a woman have an orgasm

1. The difference between true and false orgasms is obvious. Before a woman actually reaches orgasm, the clitoris contracts, the heart rate increases, the pupils dilate, the vaginal muscles “spasm”, the feet arch and the breasts firm, according to magazine sex columns.

2. Exercise is good for orgasm. Some women may experience an orgasm during fitness, which researchers call a “core orgasm” because it is closely related to core muscle training, such as climbing, cycling and lifting weights.

3. The time it takes to reach orgasm varies from person to person, but a new study has found that the average male takes about seven minutes from entry to ejaculation.

4. Orgasms are diverse. The most common “clitoral orgasm” for women is achieved by stimulating the clitoris. In addition, STILL CAN have “vaginal orgasm” and the orgasm that stimulates chest to achieve.

5, Good foreplay, good orgasm. Foreplay such as caressing and kissing during sex helps to increase blood flow to the sex organs and prepare them for sex so that orgasm will come naturally.

6. Orgasm can also be achieved by masturbation. For both men and women, masturbation is considered the easiest way to experience orgasm.

7. Sexual positions affect orgasm. For example, a posterior approach can better stimulate a woman’s G-spot, making it easier for her to achieve a “vaginal orgasm.”

8. Know the G-spot for stronger orgasms. Every woman’s G-spot is different, so identifying the location of the G-spot is crucial to orgasm.

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