What happens to a woman’s breasts during sex. Having large breasts is what every woman wants, which is why various breast augmentation surgeries are so popular. Fuller breasts will not only give women a “line” in the dress, improve women’s confidence, but also play a good role in the sexual process, more can arouse men’s desire. Not only that, a woman’s breasts also undergo a series of changes when she is sexually stimulated.

What do breasts mean to women

Breast is an important symbol of female sexual maturity, one of the most important erogenous zones, and also the organ for lactating and feeding offspring. Breasts are a symbol of motherhood for children; It is an object of beauty and desire for men. That’s why women in movies, television, posters, and literature always have full breasts.

The breast is an important sexual organ for women, which also plays an important role in sexual activity, but people often ignore this point.


What happens to a woman’s breasts when she’s sexually excited

The first evidence of an enhanced breast response to sexual tension during the excitatory phase of the sexual response cycle is the erectile response of the nipple, which is the result of the involuntary contraction of the abundant smooth muscle fibers in the nipple after sexual stimulation.

The reactions of the two nipples are often out of sync. One may be fully erect and swollen while the other lags behind. Inverted nipples may protrude from their quiescent state as if in a semi-erectile position, and if this inverted nipple is difficult to recover, the indication of a nipple response is not seen.

How a woman’s nipples react during sex

Sufficient ERECTILE RESPONSE CAN MAKE NIPPLE LENGTH IS COMPARED BEFORE NOT STIMULATED TO INCREASE SOMEWHAT, INCREASE 0.5-1.0 CM COMMONLY, THE REACTION STILL CAN MAKE NIPPLE BASE DIAMETER INCREASES 0.5-0.5 CM. Usually the nipples of large and forward protrusion tend to have a smaller tendency to swollen erection than those of normal size. When the nipple is very small, it is difficult to respond to sexual stimulation very strongly, but it is not very common for the nipple to be very small.

What happens to a woman’s areola

A second physiological change during the excitatory period is increased delimitation and dilation of the breast vein tree pattern. If the breast has sufficient volume, there will be congestion in the lower superficial veins, but this may not become more definite until late excitement. The larger breast usually shows a marked expansion of the vein tree pattern. The congestion of the venous tree of the breast usually does not reach the areola area when it expands centrally.

In sexually responsive women, when erectile response occurs, hyperemia in the lower portion of the overhanging breast is more easily observed, and the overall increase in breast volume is more pronounced when the woman is supine. In the late stage of excitation, there is obvious congestion of areola.

How do different women react

The degree and timing of excitatory reactions vary greatly, often from person to person. The areola adjacent to the erectile nipple will also swell during the plateau, which often gives the illusion that the erectile nipple has partially subsided.

It is not until the areola swelling has subsided during the resolution period that people can re-see the late resolution of the remaining erect nipple.

What change can the woman after lactation make love breast have

Before a woman experiences the final urge to orgasm, breast size can increase by 1/5-1/4 in a woman who has not breastfed, and breast size in a woman who has breastfed usually does not show a significant increase. This difference in anatomical presentation may be due to increased venous shunting during milk production in the fed breast. Infant sucking increases venous shunting and tends to slow the engorgement of deep blood vessels during sexual tension.

It is clear that the increase in breast size under the influence of sexual tension is related not only to the physiological response of vasocongestion, but also to the fullness of the fibrous tissue components that make up the supporting breast lobules. Excessive breast expansion is common in early lactation, which impairs the effectiveness of these supporting fibers. Accordingly, the female breast after can understand lactation makes due more obvious sexual response hard to sexual stimulation.

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